Граффити Картины

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Graffiti, Street art or Spray art. This art form is very popular and famous all over the world. The painted walls on the street, indoor graffiti are accessible to everyone, the flight of fantasy is not limited. I started painting graffiti in 1998, at the moment I continue to develop my creativity and I think that this is very cool!!!

The picture resembles a cut watermelon with seeds. Graffiti drawing in the arch of Kirov Painted walls in the office. The photo shows a boy and a picture on the wall. The tower is made of plasticine on a rigid frame. The canvas shows a temporary funnel. Stickers are cut by hand, a huge amount has been made. Abstract plot in the form of colored strokes and dots. Face on the wall of street art Kirov. The image of a turtle in the form of a children's puzzle. Museum night 2017. Trial hanging of the works. Dymkovo pattern with fluorescent paints. In the photo there is a huge canvas and an artist. Beginning of the season, long graffiti visible from the train. A huge picture on canvas with the image of mandala

The site contains paintings, graffiti Street art drawings, my author's prints on clothes, computer graphics and much more. I am ready to cooperate, I can offer my ideas to the artist and help in decorating the space of an apartment, house or office.

With the stencil turned cool print on a t-shirt On the wall is a three-dimensional ornament and a number of artist. The character is drawn on the wall of the warehouse in Zuevka. The pyramid is assembled from a rigid frame and PVC fabric. On the wall painted Gagarin's face in a spacesuit Painted end of the five-story building in Kirov Vyatka fashionista net to my picture on a city holiday Bright ornament fits in the universal gloom. In the arch two huge spirals opposite each other are drawn. Drawn a huge mandala, a source of good energy. Funny face painted on clothes Bright graffiti on the garage in Kirov. Painted graffiti street art walls in Kirov. Photo of the exhibition in St. Petersburg Painted garages and brick substation in Kirov. Bright cheerful drawing in children's theme. The picture is painted with acrylic paints, an interesting abstraction. Unusual pattern ornament in the Park of Kirov. The drawing is made within the framework of the conceptual exhibition. Graffiti on the wall in the office of the company Kirov Drawing on the wall in the office of the children's center.
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