Граффити Картины

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In the exhibition Fantazarium presents unique paintings, works of authorship, unforgettable stories for good mood and interior!

Cool, the picture emits a super power!! Cabbage in a frame to attract money Four small plot related to one common space theme Geometric floral arrangement, symbolizes outer space Interior painting, geometric pattern made in shades of green and blue This picture will fit well into the modern high-tech interior, the author's work Amazing bright ornament with painted faces of people Drawn character with a beard, which advises the audience to speak quietly, the picture in the frame the ornament is made with aerosol paints using a stencil, for a good mood Solar spiral, a positive story was written on the coast of Gagra The picture shows the balance, color abstract composition Interesting canvas, written by me in 2017. on the beach Fine geometric abstraction, cool picture, I think you will like it too To create this masterpiece I used aerosol paints Montana Black, stencil and masking tape The canvas is dominated by shades of red, dynamic composition, splashes and blots of acrylic paints

Paintings are ready to sale, price, size and technique are listed in the catalog. Delivery across the planet Earth!

Spray art, handmade in the form of ornament Christmas tree, will fit well into any interior Drawn mandala, it seems that it is crocheted, easy to grasp Equilateral triangle radiating energy and positive vibration, live work looks very cool! Four paintings of different geometric shapes, United by a common theme and color scheme Cool story for a good mood Energy story on the theme of space, black hole and intergalactic movements in space Bright painting in the green frame, the artist has depicted about how does poison the newcomer The image shows how reptiloid DNA looks like in the form of a bright ornament On the canvas painted a bright spiral on a fluorescent yellow background Very positive story on the theme of reflection, brain, mind and color perception Funny characters are depicted on the theme of the song from the cartoon Bremen town musicians
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